Ecoinformatics, or ecological informatics, is the science of information in ecology and environmental science. All planning decisions made are based on timely and accurate knowledge. Information systems are a primary mechanism for gathering, integrating, summarising and disseminating this knowledge. Our focus is on research into new and improved information and knowledge management techniques, particularly within the domain of biodiversity and ecology.

What we do

  • Research, develop and implement systems that improve access to information and knowledge about Western Australia's natural environment
  • Develop techniques for analysing and presenting biodiversity research and data in an integrated format
  • Ensure that all science projects are underpinned by statistically sound project design, and results are analysed by suitable methods
  • Manage Parks and Wildlife's Science and Conservation Division science datasets
  • Interact with external biodiversity initiatives, such as the Atlas of Living Australia and the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network.

Key activities and projects

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