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Why are the islands important?

  • The species living on these islands have been protected from many of the threatening processes occurring on the mainland. These islands have very few introduced animals, fewer fires and fewer weeds. Consequently they provide an opportunity to conserve examples of ecosystems that are in relatively good condition.
  • These islands contain many of the habitat types present on the adjacent mainland, and they are likely to be important refuges for fauna (including species that may be susceptible to the impacts of cane toads). Some of these islands may act as future safe havens for translocated species that are threatened on the mainland.
  • northern_quoll_augustus
    Northern quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus).
    Photo © Lesley Gibson/Parks and Wildlife
  • Many of the islands contain important turtle nesting beaches and seabird breeding areas.
  • The islands are culturally significant to indigenous communities in the region. Aboriginal people maintain strong connections to the islands, and all islands earmarked for survey are under native title claim.