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The Kimberley Islands Biological Survey (2006-2013) was undertaken by the Department of Parks and Wildlife to gain a better understanding of the biodiversity of many of the islands along the Kimberley coastline in north-west Western Australia.

This survey provided detailed, comprehensive information about the fauna and flora on pdf24 of the region’s largest islands

This information has:

  • built on existing knowledge of targeted components of biodiversity
  • identified locations of species susceptible to mainland threats
  • provided baseline information for future monitoring/surveys
  • increased the knowledge base available to inform conservation management decisions in the future



  • View of St Patrick Island.
    Photo © Lesley Gibson/Parks and Wildlife
  • Golden bandicoot (Isoodon auratus).
    Photo © Mark Cowan/Parks and Wildlife
  • Silver leaf grevillea (Grevillea refracta).
    Photo - Lesley Gibson/Parks and Wildlife