Garden Island
A Threatened Ecological Community
(Callitris forest) on Garden Island
over Rottnest lace flower
(Trachymene coerulea) in late spring
Photo © DPaW

Having a better understanding of the conservation values of the Swan Coastal Plain forms the basis for improved land use planning and decision making for biodiversity conservation.

The Swan Coastal Plain is highly fragmented and impacted by settlement, urbanisation and industry. Detailed biological data at various levels is required to inform complex decisions on land use to conserve and protect biodiversity. This project delivers data from new surveys, via the Swan Coastal Plain Floristic and Reserve Survey, to relevant authorities including non-government organisations, local government authorities, statutory planning authorities and the Environmental Protection Authority.

Project aims

  • To undertake studies into the classification, distribution, patterning and conservation status of flowering plant communities and taxa of the Swan Coastal Plain at a local and regional level. This will result in the preparation of flora lists for the region and individual conservation reserves.

Related resources

  • pdfA Floristic Survey of the Whicher Scarp12.59 MB
    A survey of the Whicher Scarp was undertaken by the former departments of Environmental Protection and Conservation and Land Management with the Wildflower Society of Western Australia over a period of more than 10 years. This work was completed as part of the Swan Bioplan Project to provide a more detailed knowledge of the conservation status of species and communities that occur in this area.
  • Keighery B, Keighery G (2009). pdfNew plant discoveries in Perth's backyard8.94 MB. LANDSCOPE 24(3), pp. 23–29

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