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Western Australia has about 50 per cent of Australia's threatened mammals, as well as many threatened bird, reptile, frog, fish and invertebrate species. Our research seeks to conserve and manage Western Australian fauna by reducing the likelihood of extinction of individual animal species and loss of ecological communities.
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What we do

  • Research the biology, ecology and genetics of Western Australian animals
  • Monitor the health of WA's native animal populations and communities
  • Research and manage the impact of introduced predators (e.g. foxes, cats, feral pigs and cane toads) on Western Australian wildlife and biodiversity
  • Carry out translocations of threatened animals.


PhD project opportunities

Numbat PhD project


To help conservation and recovery efforts for the endangered numbat, Parks and Wildlife is looking for PhD students to carry out two applied ecology research projects in the Upper Warren region east of Bridgetown and Manjimup.

More information and contact details: pdfNumbats project details872.72 KB.


Quokkas and fire

Seeking PhD students for important quokka research to start in 2018 / 2019

To help conservation and recovery efforts for the threatened quokka, we (WA Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions & WWF-Australia) are looking for PhD students to carry out applied ecology research projects, in the southern forests near Manjimup.

More information and contact details: pdfSouthern forests project details521.79 KB.