The following management plans have been approved by the Minister for Environment (dates refer to the year of release).

Marine and Terrestrial Parks and Reserves
TitlePlan No.Date
pdfBeeliar Regional Park2.52 MB   Oct 2006
pdfBenger Swamp Nature Reserve582.52 KB 7 Feb 1988
pdfCanning River Regional Park1.4 MB
pdfAmendment172.54 KB
Dec 1997
Jan 2007
pdfCape Range National Park5.07 MB
pdfAnalysis of public submissions518.73 KB
Aug 2010
pdfCarnac Island Nature Reserve2.35 MB
pdfAnalysis of public submissions215.36 KB
pdfCentral Forest Region 1009.61 KB
 Revoked by the  Forest Management Plan
Feb 1988
Jan 2004
pdfDampier Archipelago Nature Reserves369.37 KB   Aug 1990
pdfDryandra Woodland1.39 MB 70 Oct 2011
pdfDryandra Woodland672.65 KB 30 1995-2005
pdfEsperance Lakes Nature Reserves2.28 MB 39 1999-2009
pdfFitzgerald River National Park843.4 KB
pdfAmendment 2003237.73 KB
pdfAmendment 201159.13 KB

Jul 1991
Oct 2003
Dec 2011
pdfForrestdale Lake Nature Reserve631.45 KB 53 2005
pdfGoldfields Region798.29 KB 27 1994-2004
pdfHerdsman Lake Regional Park3.4 MB   2004-2013
pdfJandakot Regional Park1.83 MB   Sept 2010
pdfJohn Forrest National Park650.76 KB 26 Aug 1994
pdfJurabi, Bundegi Coastal Parks and Muiron Islands638.86 KB 43 1999-2009
pdfJurien Bay Marine Park Management Plan3.89 MB
pdfAnalysis of public submissions2.28 MB
pdfKarijini National Park3.66 MB 40 1999-2009
pdfKennedy Range National Park1.8 MB
pdfAnalysis of public submissions137.38 KB
Apr 2008
May 2008
pdfLake McLarty2.63 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions293.72 KB
60 June 2008
pdfLalang-garram / Camden Sound Marine Park Management Plan5.31 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions - Camden Sound Marine Park545.03 KB
73 2013-2023
pdfLane Poole Reserve and Proposed Reserve Additions9.28 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions594.24 KB
68 Oct 2011
Oct 2011
pdfLeeuwin-Naturaliste National Park419.38 KB 13 1989-1999
pdfLeschenault Peninsula Conservation Park2.28 MB 38 1998-2008
pdfLesueur National Park-Coomallo Nature Reserve684.39 KB   Oct 1995
pdfLogue Brook Reservoir and Catchment Area678.46 KB 20  Mar 1990
pdfMarmion Marine Park293.86 KB   May 1992
pdfMatilda Bay Reserve 264.21 KB
pdfAmendment83.42 KB
25 May 1993
Nov 2003
pdfMillstream Chichester National Park and Mungaroona Range Nature Reserve3.4 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions424.55 KB
69 Oct 2011
Oct 2011
pdfMontebello/Barrow islands Marine Conservation Reserves4.56 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions285.46 KB
pdfMooradung Nature Reserve293 KB Feb 1986
pdfMurujuga National Park3.87 MB 78 Jan 2013
pdfNambung National Park, Wanagarren, Nilgen and Southern Beekeepers Nature Reserves1.32 MB
pdfAmendment - Wedge and Grey Masterplan5.14 MB
37 Sep 1998
Nov 2003
pdfNature Reserves in the Shire of Wyalkatchem555.1 KB 2 1985-1995
pdfNature Reserves in the Shire of York-Northam600.5 KB 4 1987-1997
pdfNgari Capes Marine Park3.17 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions602.66 KB
74 Feb 2013
pdfNorthern Forest Region1.06 MB
 Revoked by the Forest Management Plan
9 Feb 1988
Jan 1st 2004
pdfNingaloo Marine Park and Muiron Islands Marine Management Area6.15 MB   Jan 2005
pdfOrd River and Parry Lagoons Nature Reserves5.27 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions151.5 KB
77 Oct 2012
pdfPerup Management Plan4.35 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions38.97 KB
72 Apr 2012
pdfPurnululu National Park and Conservation Reserve692.71 KB 33 1995-2005
pdfRockingham Lakes Regional Park2.38 MB 67 Nov 2010
pdfRowles Lagoon Conservation Park and Clear and Muddy Lakes Nature Reserve1006.08 KB   2000-2010
pdfRowley Shoals Marine Park1.39 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions467.69 KB
pdfSerpentine National Park1.83 MB 44 2000-2009
pdfShannon and D’Entrecasteaux National Parks1.69 MB
pdfMaps and Appendices6.54 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions to the Draft Managment Plan1.03 MB
71 Feb 2012
Feb 2012
Feb 2012
pdfShark Bay Marine Reserves3.26 MB 34 1996-2006
pdfShark Bay Terrestrial Reserves and Proposed Reserve Additions3.29 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions to the Draft managment Plan616.02 KB
75 May 2012
pdfShoalwater Islands Marine Park1.68 MB
pdfAnalysis of Submissions to the Draft Managment Plan794.54 KB
58 2007-2017
pdfShoalwater Islands Nature Reserve385.25 KB 21 1992-2002
pdfSouth Coast Region2.11 MB 22 1992-2002
pdfSouthern Forest Region753.78 KB
 Revoked by the Forest Management Plan
11 1987-1997
Jan 1st 2004
pdfStirling Range and Porongurup National Parks1.51 MB 42 1999-2009
pdfSwan Estuary Marine Park and Adjacent Nature Reserves1.19 MB
 Amendment 1
 Analysis of public submissions to the Amendment
41 1999-2009

pdfThomsons Lake851.77 KB  54 2005
pdfTurquoise Coast Island Nature Reserve1.43 MB
pdfAnalysis of public submissions79.28 KB
 50 2004
pdfTwo Peoples Bay Nature Reserve1.39 MB
pdfAmendment195.3 KB
pdfWalpole-Nornalup National Park2.26 MB
pdfAmendment2.01 MB
22 1992-2002
pdfWalpole and Nornalup Inlets Marine Park Management Plan3.21 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions465 KB
62 2009-20019
pdfWalpole Wilderness Management Plan (no maps)1.9 MB
pdfWalpole Wilderness Management Plan (maps 1-5)5.07 MB
pdfWalpole Wilderness Management Plan (maps 6-13b)5.53 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions (Summary)308.13 KB
pdfWanjarri Nature Reserve1.53 MB 35 1996-2006
pdfWaroona Reservoir and Catchment Area723.95 KB 19 1990-2000
pdfWellington National Park, Westralia Conservation Park and Wellington Discovery Forest MP3.97 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions411.34 KB
pdfWest Cape Howe National Park1.75 MB 28 1995-2005
pdfWhale shark management with particular reference to Ningaloo Marine Park3.19 MB 57 2013
pdfWoodman Point1.92 MB   Feb 2010
pdfYalgorup National Park1.7 MB 29 1995-2005
pdfYanchep and Neerabup, Parks and reserves3.79 MB
pdfAnalysis of Public Submissions to the Draft Management Plan137.44 KB
76 Jul 2012
pdfYellagonga Regional Park2.78 MB 48 2003-2013
World Heritage Properties
TitlePlan No.Date
pdfShark Bay World Heritage Property Strategic Plan3.53 MB
pdfSummary1.88 MB
pdfAnalysis of public submissions307.72 KB